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What We Do


Window Washing

If you hate washing windows we're happy to help. Your outlook will be brighter as you look out sparkling clean windows. We use a mild non-toxic cleaning solution, sponges, squeegees, and lint-free rags to ensure the cleanest windows for your beautiful house.

Pressure Washing

Driveways, sidewalks, porches, and decks. At houses, apartment buildings, your office, or store. Watch some of my videos and you'll see why I enjoy this. Sure, it's hard work but watching the dirt lift and wash away makes the effort so worthwhile.

Garage Sale Items

Garage Cleanup

Is your garage stuffed so full you don't know where to begin? Start by calling us! We'll help you remove, clean re-organize or recycle all the things you've been accumulating.

Gutter Cleanout

When was the last time you cleaned out your gutters? Now is the perfect time and we are the perfect people to do it.

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Yard Work

Do you have any yard work projects you've been putting off? Want to get done before summer? Pulling weeds, planting trees, raking leaves... We can install drip sprinkling systems or prepare gardens/flower beds for planting. Just let us know what you need help with.

We will work hard to help you!

Odd jobs?
Cleaning up for summer BBQs?
Staining teak patio set?
Junk removal?
Assembling Ikea furniture?
Car Detail?

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