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Making Money For College

Class of 2021

Wow. I'm finishing high school and getting ready to head off to college. Graduating this year means my junior and senior years have not been typical, LOL.

For 2021 graduates getting a "first job" was not easy. The country was in lockdown so all the typical high school jobs didn't exist (temporarily). I still wanted to make money to buy a car and I couldn't just sit around waiting till everything re-opened. I decided to start a business to generate my own income. That's how Tag's Powerwashing was started. I borrowed money from my parents and bought a pressure washing machine and offered to pressure wash driveways and decks. Although it wasn't easy because nobody was even going outside, I started to get jobs at local businesses and people's homes.

Over the school year I was busy with school (and recovering from covid) so I didn't have a lot of jobs but starting this spring I was anxious to get working again. I learned how professional window washers made windows really shine and added window washing to my business.

As the summer started approaching I began getting more work and started to include my brother and some of my friends on jobs. We're all really excited to graduate and start the next chapter of our lives and that's where we need your help.

My friends and I are cleaning up for college money. We work really hard and want to do a great job for you. We want you to be so impressed with what we've done for you that you refer us to your friends.

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